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Hannah Charlotte Read

Artist, .
I am blessed you are here.
Thank you for entering in on my world of art, nature and healing.
I am curious about the unspoken world which unravels when we flow with our intuition and let the universe speak through us. 
I am passionate about helping people heal, through learning new ways of connecting with themselves and the world around them.
I wish to re-enchant my audience with the natural world. When we journey into the natural world we connect with the wilds inside ourselves.  
When we lean into the cycles and rhythms that run throughout life, we can learn deep lessons from the teachings of mother earth and all that she has born. 
I create visual metaphors for our human experience through the language of the natural world and the animals and plants that can teach us about new ways of being.
I'm inspired by stories from ancient cultures around the world; Shamanic wisdom, Taoist philosophy and Celtic mythology are all interwoven and arise within my work. 
I'm interested in unraveling the dominant patriarchal slant that has been woven into our stories and fairy tales as they have been passed down from generation to generation and I attempt to breathe new life into the forgotten feminine roots of our stories and our connection to the land to relinquish some balance.
Creativity in its many guises helps us to open up and lead from the heart, something that I believe is needed now more than ever, in our fast paced, ego driven world. 
With every moment of fear and uncertainty that plays out in the day to day, we loose touch with our own natural cycles and rhythms.
My art is an expressions of my journey so far, leaning into the universe, believing in my calling and carving my own untrodden path. My art is my map, unfolding in front of me as I work intuitively. 
It is my mission to inspire my audience back to their deep inner knowing and connection to the natural world and the sacredness in the everyday. 
I hope I can be a beacon for anybody who wishes to gain some hope, I hope I can inspire you to carve your own unique path forwards, delve deep within your roots, opening up your heart through creative acts and reconnecting to the enchantment and beauty in the world.  
"For in the wildness we can roam free" 
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