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"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
Lao Tze

"If you want to fly,

give up everything that weighs you down".



Getting into your body

I love to create opportunities for our hearts to speak.
(letting our minds rest for a minute)

we can RELAX
Breathe a little easier and expand into the unknown.

The space between 

Year sure it can feel a little intimidating right?

No no no, this is a beautiful space, this is the space where you can play, release, expand into yourself.

But by cultivating the right environment  
for movement, play and creativity space to weave together, our unique expression is able to take the lead.
When we learn to listen to our subtle bodies signals, a whole new level magic starts to unfold.

By helping our mind body to connect in this way 
we can step into flow with life.
  Our focus softens
our internal world finds rest in 

A process of unfurling to mindful awareness.

Being in nature helps us with this process, allowing ourselves space and time to be is vital to our ability to grow and unfurl into more joy and peace in the present moment.
Here and now
on the surf tossed edge
it can be rugged 
it can be smooth 
it can be all the things, 
but the more we go to that place and priorities our inner happiness we strengthen our ability to weather the storms, we start to come alive and connect back to the joy in our hearts.

This is the journey of the soul

The way through the darkness is 
along the golden thread.

Joy leads the way!

Let's connect...

free offerings coming your way!

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