Light Within the Darkness 2018.
Clearing the Energy
Feeling the Way Forward ThroughCloud
The Unfolding Fires of Life, 2018
Rising Conciousness
The Calling
Hide and Seek
Give Me Light
Golden Breeze
Awakening, Oil on Canvas, 2017
From Darkness Comes Light, Tryptic
From Darkness Comes Light, Tryptic
From Darkness Comes Light, Tryptic
Tearing Away the Layers, 2015
Reflections of Flow 2, 2017
Reflections of Flow,  2017
The Union of Masculine and Feminine
The Flight Amongst Angels
Lifes Stage
Look Beyond and You Will See
Full of Wisdom, free of Judgement
Wren and Poppy
Watercolour Gannets
Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.
Lao Tze
"Because we are all interconnected, living with one another means getting to know one another’s stories. It means understanding one another not just on the surface, but from the inside out. That means listening with an ear of love tuned to nothing less that beauty. It means listening for truth, including the tough truth that always flows from stories that require confession, forgiveness and redemption. And what is this ‘past’ that is the stuff of story but a wave on eternity’s ocean. And what are we today but its surf tossed leading edge. That is a thrilling place in which to be alive!"
Soil to Soul, Alister Mackintosh

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