Life is a constant state of flux....

February 4, 2018


Life is a constant state of flux....


embrace it or you get stuck in loops.


Notice patterns. 


raise awareness. 


let go of negative thoughts and self belief,


they do not serve you. 


Reconnect to your inner world.


reconnect to your inner wild.


Embrace silence. 



Life is a constant state of flux....


ride the waves of your ebb and flow,


LET GO.         . 


Believe in the beauty the lie's dormant inside everyone of us.


There is deep peace and happiness within.




Peel your self like an onion,


you may cry, but thats ok.


Its part of the process.



Life is a constant state of flux....


listen to your inner drum,


start dancing to your own rhythm. 


Embrace the natural world, 


it is you, 


you are I,


and we are it.


There are many lessons to be learnt,










Life is a constant state of flux.

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