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Shine Your Light

It's early in the morning before the light of day, but my light wants to shine,

wants to shine I hear you say?

Its that deep down knowing,

that longing to share your understanding of the world

that part of you, thats only you

that no one else knows.

There's not one person in the universe that compares to you

you are unique, special, one in a million,

only you are you.

The light the shines within each and everyone of us

is our own unique gift,

nobodies walked in your shoes

no one felt your pain,

no ones sees the world as you do.

Don't under estimate the power of your knowing,

the message that only you can share.

Rise up with me my child lets show the world our flare.

It's not about showing off,

always being the centre of attention,

shouting the loudest,

or being the best.

This is a humble, kind, honest

telling of a story that hides beneath the surface of your skin,

i†s your souls calling to be a part of the universes story,

to be seen in your true colours,

with grit, beauty and a rawness that is lost in the everyday.

We are all a part of the same story, all heading in which ever direction we are open enough to except with the changing tides and rising of the moon.

The earth is calling us

Our souls are calling us to step up, show gratitude for who we are

and be seen.

Don't delay,

don't hesitate,

don't fear,

let go.

Move with intention,

baby steps,

love yourself,

be kind,





from the heart.

Love and light,


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