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Animals that connect us to our wild souls

Spirit Animals have surfaced in my work a lot over the years. When an animal appears it's ancient associations and wisdom is available to teach you something about your current situation, connecting you to your wild soul and intuition.

Spirit animals are associated with Shamanic cultures, Shamans will connect and journey to lower worlds to seek answers to conscious life's questions.

Through painting freely, intuitively, I have learned to let go of my conscious mind, I then work from a place that is tuned into the natural order of life, guided by the wisdom of the divine feminine, flow.

Although initially I wasn't aware of what was happening, as my art practice has developed I have learned more about the wisdom of shamanic cultures and through spending time with my work that The story is revealed, ever unfolding with each piece. It comes through me, beyond me, I am a vessel for the lessons that lie within. My unconscious mind is guiding me forwards, through connecting to this deeper, unknown, subconscious world I have found freedom, beauty and guidance beyond the day to day.  

When I came to do each of these works I had no idea of the depth of meaning that each would provoke in me, it is only with reflection that each one of them had profound lessons that I am then able to share with you. Learning from the hidden teachings bound into the canvas via the painting process. 

When we learn to stand back, slow down and observe life we can then gain a new healthier perspective from the wisdom of the natural world, from this view point we are free to move forwards in our conscious life with a deeper connection to our place in the world. 

The journeys we make, the story's we create, the paths we forge are the inspiration behind much of my work.

If you would like me to interoperate a story of your's please get in touch. 

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