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Some advice from trees, a whisper on the wind

I walk a lot, I always have done, and so as I embark every morning on an adventure into the local wilds where I live with my little Cockerspaniel dog Fawkes and my 8 month old son Rudy we traverse the local fields, woodlands and ancient hill forts around where we live in North Dorset.

Walking is such a good way to reconnect with yourself, to release tension and to unwind in a gentle nurturing way. The rhythm of a walk, the smells, the sounds, it grounds you. You harmonise to your surroundings. Natures pace becomes you.

I love the quote from Lao Tze that says 'Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished'.

Slowness is good, slowness is real, slowness is presence, feeling alive in the moment.

As we slow down, breath and awaken to the living moment we release our perceived impression of time, we engage in natures dream like state of flow, our breathing slows, heart rate drops and we relax without much effort.

In this place we create more space in our lives for more meaningful time, in this space we give ourselves an opportunity to simply be.

Nature is free of judgement, as is our relationship with it. When does anyone every walk up to a tree and think 'your looking a bit big' or 'you've not got a few too many leaves, how greedy!'.

No because that would be absurd! Instead we accept Nature for how it is at that moment, we are able to have non judgmental appreciation for its presence and it's beauty.

Why do we find it so difficult to have the same loving admiration for ourselves or others?

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