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Birthing a New.

Within that gaze.

To the love that held me so profoundly,

I give thanks.

To trusting and surrendering again and again,

I give thanks.

"Please guide me, please lead me, please show me the way"

To my mantra,

To my breath;

you were my anchors,

for this I thank you.

This is a force far greater than myself,

I am an empty vessel,

full bodied

full of potential.

New life is emerging through me

and I am ready.

I was born ready.

I switch the music

the energy is changing

The tides have turned

Swirling, building, crashing

again and again.

I am moved by this power,

the waves are surging, building and crashing again and again.

I am a drifting but afloat.

I am in flow

full bodied flow.

Let go

Breathing deeply

In and out,


in and out,



In and out,



Round and round my hips wind.

Round and round my body swings.

Energy surging,

building and crashing

pushing my baby down,



Face relaxed

jaw relaxed







My feminine energy swells,

My fullness emerging like a wild wind swirling up higher and higher, the energy is ecstatic

full of potential

full of life

My form is changing, evolving, shifting to move my babe




Thoughts come but there is no room for their smallness

to my mantra I return

"Please lead me, please guide me, please show me the way",

A loyal servant to this profound life giving act

a barer of life,

bridging earth and spirit.

To this moment

I surrender.

"Please lead me, please guide me, please show me the way"

I give thanks, so much thanks for this moment,

this is life in all its might,

I am in ore

I surrender to the divine.

I give thanks for every surging wave, every crash

my roars grows louder and louder,

I can feel my babe is near.

I feel a radiant circle of love and light surround me,

all those wise women that have crossed this threshold before,

they are with me

cheering me on!

I can feel their power,

I can feel their strength.

I can hear their roars within me

I am alive.

I am powerful.

I am woman.

Hear me ROAR!

The drums beat louder

my feet move in rhythm.

I dance.

I roar with a full bodied resonance that spoke of the Lioness I was embodying,

She held me,

she moved me further, deeper