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Our Song

Are you ready?

Are you ready to witness your pains now?

Are you ready to face your truths?

Are you ready to transcend and grow now,

Finding new rhythm in your shoes?

Beyond the dark clouds

And the pouring rain

Beyond the gnarly vines

Near the raspberry canes

There is a clearing where the sunshines bright

A safe haven of gold, shimmering light.

Embrace the softness of its glow

Let go tender soul


Allow yourself to be undone

Unknowing is believing

Believing in a better life

A life with rhyme

Not reason.

Be cradled in the seasons

The darkness of our times

It swallows us and spits us out

Reminding us

Be kind.

Be gentle

Soften and show

Yourself some love now

Please just let go.

Feel freedom in the uncertainty

Shifting sands beneath our feet

There teaching us

There leading us

To the dirty truths beneath the sheets.

We see it plain as day now

We can no longer let it go

It is time to align and surrender to that which we do not know.

The magic, the wonder

Its there in the sunlight

Love that shines bright


Without fight.

Feeding us and healing us

To awaken to this new day

Rise up beautiful

Rise and pray.

Pray to this love that runs deep in your veins

Pray for a better world

For brighter days.

For love to lead us

Sustaining a new way.

Without judgement and Righteousness

Without schedules and goals

In the realness of this moment

This moment alone


Held by a force far greater than one

The bright almighty force of us

United, strong

Harmonising with our peaceful beat

Undivided in our song

Laced with sweet sweat

A new dance within our feet

In the love of this moment


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