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The Journey Inwards

Allow, undo, sit still, forgive.

Let the stillness move and give,

you a sense of inner calm,

even just for a moment,

let yourself learn,

the joys of the journey towards your soul.

Your true self,

your divine self,

she sits on the shelf.

Collecting dust,

but she knows the way.

She will help you remember how to be your own way.

You undone without your mask,

without your gun,

without regret.

You in freedom,

you in joy,

you in realness,

you deployed into the world as a being of peace,

emanating that which we all need to release.

Your own unique frequency,

your own unique voice,

you, only you, are what the world needs to rejoice.

Doing your thing,

riding your wave,

of bliss,

of ecstasy,

of the love within,

it's time to begin.

Your journey inwards

is gentle,

is kind,

its not scary, or weird

it won't make you hide

in layers of suffering, shame and fear.

It will lend you an ear,

it will help you my dear.

Dear one,

if you are fearful and suffering,

sit down on your pillow,

shut your eyes and begin.


connect with your breath.

Breathe deeply,



Just begin.

Even just one breath,

or two,

will bring,

you out of your head,

just for a moment,

out of the chaos,

the noise,

the worry.

The fret-

Ting goes the bell,

you did it you see,

you connected with the simplicity

of your own unique power,

it's here that we each help ourselves and the world.

To flower,

to blossom,

to heal.

Its here where love hides,

in our breath from above,

that's within,

it's the thing,

that will make our hearts sing.

Find freedom,

find peace,

it's within you,

it is,

allow it to surface

allow it to give.

To you,

to us

and to our beautiful world.

Help to save it,

by saving yourself.

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