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Where do we go from here?

This is the big question.

We are currently in the midst of a time of great transition, we are evolving, we are unravelling and all that we know feels like its falling away.

The crumbling is taking hold.

We are being forced to stop.

Stop and listen,

stop and re-gather.

stop and re-imagine our lives,

stop and re-think what we are doing.

Are we really on the right track?

Are we really heading in the right direction?

Are we really happy?

Living our best lives?

As the Covid pandemic plays out all over the world we are in a unique and unimaginable situation.

we are having the carpet swiped from under our feet.

Do we fall or do we jump?

Jump off the edge of what we knew, leap into the unknown, take a chance and live the lives we've always dreamed of.

Where freedom, justice, love and unity are the guiding stars.

Where we as people don't strive for unrealness in the drama of the unreality but thrive in the freedom of your own uniqueness.

Where you being you heals yourself and the world around you.

Connecting deeply inwards, answering your souls calls is the thing that lights you up and in doing so you become a beacon on hope and light that leads the way for others.

Doesn't that sound more fun!

All you need is within you

All that we have known until now has been ground to a halt.

We are being shaken to our very core.

But we are being given a second chance.

I know it can feel overwhelming scary, even terrifying at times. It can be boring, frustrating, isolating and that there is a lot of sadness, grief, unrest, confusion and dismay.

But there is also lots to be grateful for in amongst the chaos. It certainly is an exciting tie to be alive!

We must find hope, we must find those silver linings and grow them into sparkly clouds of hope for ourselves and the world.

This is no time to give up, to roll over, too numb out.

It's time to wake up

to keep breathing,

to find stillness,

and to move forward in new ways.

This is a chance to free ourselves from the shackles of the illusion.

To awaken to a new way of being.

The unreal-ness that has swamped our hearts, that has shrivelled our creative souls, that has blinded our senses for so long is falling away.

What we thought we wanted, what we thought we needed, is not really what's in our hearts, all the stuff, all the clutter, all the noise its a distraction, a big confusing distraction. Where we have spent so long being busy; pushing, striving, forcing our lives to fit in the box of society- go to school, work hard, do well, go to uni, get a good career, buy a house, find your life partner, settle down, have kids and tow the line, buy stuff, be busy.

Always busy and never here, fully present, experiencing your life fully, with our judgement and separation.

distract yourself from true self.

for all that stuff for so long we've forgotten who we are in our hearts.

We have come so far from home, entangled in the brash and brambles in the deep, dark woods of life that we are now being forced to be still and face all that we have been running away from, distracting ourselves from.

We are now caught in the thorns and the stingers, suffocating in the darkness of an unreal world.

The wolf is in our house.

its no wonder we are caught in a state of confusion, suppressed by fear and uncertainty. That mental health systems are crashing and failing around us as we have plummeted to our depths without all that we can to hold on to.

We are far off our path not knowing which way to turn, who to trust, what to believe. Fear has taken over and is crippling our minds with it constant calls in the darkness.

This all sounds pretty bleak right?

But there is hope dear friends, we are miraculous beings of light, and all the answers to our problems are within us if we cultivate enough stillness to listen.

We are intricately connected to the web of life that holds the planet steady in these times. We can connect to that stillness.

We have an internal roadmap that we can call upon anytime, the key to that roadmap is in our hearts.

Whats in our hearts is derived from the truth of who we are.

A speck in the ocean of existence, a moment in time that is born our of consciousness, out of love, out of light.

Our hearts beat like a drum on the surface of existance, but if we tune in, if we use this time to listen, to really connect with our heart space, allowing our natural rhythm to surface, we will begin the real dance of life.

A dance of joy, of peace, of love, attuned with the rhythm of the universe.

This is where real life grows from. Where people are people and that is sacred, honoured and cherished like all life on this planet.

From here we can start to hear the deeper whispers of life.

Where we feel life, we start to feel again.

The plants, the animals, the oceans, the trees, the land, it all whispers to us. The ancientness of life is within you, it's within each and everything on this planet if it is made out of love.

Awaken to the enchantment, let it rise within you.

start a conversation with the plants and animals, with the elements, with the spirit world. Call in your highest self, the one that is in your heart and remember your truth.

It all starts within you, you heal and the world heals a little more. You re-harmonize your being with your natural rhythm and the world is balanced a little more.

The Great mother is calling us, heed her calls, for she has birthed and cared for us, for all life on this planet since the beginning of time.

She is the wise one, she is the queen. Bow down, pray to her and let her whispers enliven the core of your very being. Let her whispers sweeten your gaze, relieve your soul of its pains.

Breathe deep and long in your body.

Heal and be healed, love and be loved.

Peace is within you.

Let it rise.

Light Within the Darkness

Oil on Canvas

Hannah Charlotte Read


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