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Water Wisdom

Our Alchemy session last Sunday was Inspired by the element of Water. A ritual of gratitude to this life giving element was a natural starting point, followed by some movement to introduce the feeling of flow within our own bodies. The creative endeavour was inspired by the Artist Whitney Freya‘s women supporting women project.

This is my version of her shamanic painting exercise. We started with the word Abracadabra meaning “I speak therefore I create”

embedded into the surface of the canvas and then built up the image intuitively with our chosen colors, using the image of large hands holding the women up.

I love how this piece could be seen as a tree as well as hands lifting the women up, rooted and rising from the earth.

Im also pleased with the effect of the gold paint used to enhance and highlight different aspects, giving each one of them some extra glow individually as well as the collective shimmer seen throughout. Could this represents our inner glow perhaps? our ability to light up the world with our uniqueness and shine despite the darkness in the world, I liked to think so!

Here we have Aimee’s fabulous piece, I love how she has used so much colour, sparkle and symbolism within her work. The use of the spiral is wonderful, this is an ancient symbol that represents the winding journey we must take inwards if we are to truly know ourselves. From these never ending journeys we return infinitely more powerful and wise! This is the journey of transformation that we take within our creative endeavors, which Aimee has also represented within the symbol of the butterfly. The transformative process the butterfly goes through is a fantastic symbolic metaphor for creative transformation; from caterpillar to chrysalis, deep in the depths of the process, transforming under the surface ready to brake through the darkness and fly back out into the world as a butterfly! Thank you so much for sharing your expression of women supporting women Aimee Strongman @Glowyoga_studio

Aimee’s own work at Glow Yoga Studio is a fabulous example of the power of women supporting women, go check her out for birth prep, yoga wisdom, body wisdom and plant medicine.


The Alchemy workshops are a truly wonderful way to nurture your creativity within a safe and supportive group of women. Even if your not used to creating you’ll be amazed at the magic that will unfold once you're held in this supportive bubble of this woodland wonderment.

I believe in helping women to call on their own internal wisdom, harnessing their intuition and empowering them to cultivate a deep trust in their own unique expression.

Because I believe ’You know the way!’ and when we each start following and trusting our inner guidance system,

we start to remember our individual truth and the truth and wisdom we came here to share with the world.

All the magic is held within you, just like the plants growing towards the light at this time of year, they don’t hold back and neither should you!

If you would like to come and join the adventures at Alchemy we would love to see you!

Next dates are 22nd May and 29th May 2022.

Booking is essential, just message or call Hannah on 07437058821

much love and light


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