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Transformative Art Experience
Would you like to join me in a meaningful and transformative art experience? Or would your like to give this as a gift to a loved one?
Create an everlasting memory with a unique, bespoke piece of art.
Have a transformational art experience with the artist.
Strengthen and honour your connection to a place/ person/ memory.
Enjoy a gift of art that lasts forever
Pass on your story to future generations!
From this experience you will receive:
  • 1/2 a day with the artist exploring a place that is special to you, exploring and telling you story of this place whilst seeing the place in new ways through the artist eyes.
  • You will receive the sketches, colour studies, photographs, stories, thoughts and words from the experience that will be turned into a special coffee table signed storybook of the whole experience.
  • One bespoke final painting that you will choose for me to reinterpreted from the sketches, this will be on a canvas that is created to fit perfectly into you home for you to enjoy forever more.
Light within the darkness painting 2018.
Everlasting memory
 This is a gift and experience that has the magic of story, place, person and memory intertwined into its creation; it will be a living memory to hand down through the generations.
I would like to take you on a journey into the natural world and tell your story in relation to place you love. 
We will walk in the place that you feel a deep connection to. 
With my art I aim to honour the specialness of the natural world by looking at it in new ways, reimagining the stories and interconnectedness of all living things and the lessons that lie within.
I like to think of my paintings as living doorways for the viewer, a way of connecting to the sacredness of the natural world, a doorway that emanates the healing that both art and nature embody.
We will go on a physical and emotional journey into the natural world, a place that is special to you. I help you connect to the place in new ways, mindfully wondering, embracing the sensory experience, feeling the elements, intertwining it with your stories and your love of the land that we walk upon.
I then use this journey, the experience we had walking on the land that is meaningful to you to create a painting for you and a book that documents the whole experience which is made up of photos, sketches and words that will connect you back to the wilds in your heart.


If you are interested in joining me on a transformative art experience please contact me
I would be delighted to speak to you! 
Prices will vary dependent on:
  •  Distance we need to travel dependent on your chosen place.
  • Size of final painting chosen, to include extra material cost and time to create.
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